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Touched By The Hand of God X

I haven’t posted anything by or remixed by Weatherall for a while and have been wanting to post this track but held off as Ctel over at Acid Ted had a week of his favourite Weatherall mixes a couple of … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

When I read in either Mixmag or Update early in 1992 that my favourite DJ and remixer was remixing my favourite track of the previous year I couldn’t wait to hear the results. Bit when I eventually got my hands … Continue reading

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Touched By The Hand Of God IX

I was going to keep this for tomorrow but it doesn’t really feel like a Friday tune to me. Weatherall seems to be going through a rather productive period at the moment. Here is a very recent remix of a … Continue reading

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Paul Haig Day and His Lordship’s Birthday

Today at a lot of the blogs listed down the right hand side, you will find tracks by Paul Haig/Josef K, this is because for the second year running these bloggers have decided to recognise Paul Haig, who gave support … Continue reading

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I’m Stunned and Saddened

I often wondered where Ctel would go once he finished his trawl through the ABC of dance music but I never for one moment thought that he would rap it. So I’m stunned today. I suppose it is better to … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement, Again!

If you’re looking for the Weatherall mix of Compulsion, don’t bother it appears that Heavenly, or Doves or somebody objects to me posting it. Now I can understand if I’m posting something which is readily available that  may stop people … Continue reading

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The Great Fall Album Listening Party.

This weekend, I will be mostly listening to the Fall. The Fall Forum decided that this weekend would be the inaugural International Fall Album Listening Party. The idea is simple, listen to all 27 studio albums in order of release … Continue reading

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Touched By The Hand Of God VIII

Haven’t had anything by Mr Weatherall for a while, although he has been popping up all over the shop recently. Here is a track that I first learnt of from Nolan over at Castles In Space just before Christmas. It … Continue reading

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Wilmot Revisited.

There was a comment over at Ctel’s excellent Acid Test blog on one of his postings on the genius known as Andy Weatherall’s Sabres of Paradise requesting Wilmot’s Last Skank, a track I hadn’t played for quite some time. It … Continue reading

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Half Term

It’s half term or the October Week up here and I will be away up north to the most westerly point on the British mainland, Ardnamurchan for a few days with the family tomorrow. Returning mid week only to go … Continue reading

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