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Back To The Daily Grind

Well that’s the holidays over for another year back to work with a bang today as I have to fly down to London for a meeting at The Royal Brompton. Why did I agree to this I asked myself yesterday … Continue reading

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Shit, Luton Again!

I’m off for two days of corporate bullshit and motivational speeches, oh joy, so there will be nothing here until Friday. I’ll leave you with a lovely bit of soul from The Dells on the Cadet label from 1968. The … Continue reading

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It’s A Sair Fecht

The first day back to work after some time off is usually a fairly hellish occasion for me at the best of times but going back today was worse than usual as I’m still loaded with the flu but need … Continue reading

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To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge

Back from Madrid and saw basically nothing of the city at all which really pissed me off. I spent more time yesterday wandering around airport terminals spending money that I don’t have on non necessary items and rather outstanding cocktails. … Continue reading

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Off To Sunny Spain

I’m off to Madrid in the morning for four days of fun and frolicks, not. Four days of long hours pouring over the minutiae of protocols and coming to the conclusion that things aren’t going to be as easy as … Continue reading

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I’ve Got To Be Free

I’ve spent most of my Sunday night recreating my mid-year review which hadn’t been filed where it was supposed to be. I hate doing these fucking documents in the first place but having to do it again has really pissed … Continue reading

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What A Way To Spend A Sunday

I’ve spent the entire day trying to avoid doing something that should have been done weeks ago but I can always find excuses to not do. I hate this time of the year at work, November/December always get incredibly busy … Continue reading

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Sunday Song

Found this track while cleaning up my itunes after an unsuccessful attempt to load up the latest version last week. I tried the solutions suggested on the website on how to recover your music library but to no avail which … Continue reading

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Not One Of My Best Decisions

I spent Thursday and Friday in Birmingham for work, my god they used a lot of concrete building that city. When I completed what I had to do I realised that I was going to have a 4 hour wait … Continue reading

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Back To Pit Boots and Purridge

I’m back to work today after 2 weeks rest and recuperation. It won’t be that bad, I just wonder how many efficiency and cost saving measures have been implemented in my absence, it is a given that there will be … Continue reading

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