Not another Re-edit You Say!

I am a bit of a sucker for a good re-edit and they don’t come much better than those produced by the Antipodean DJ,  Late Night Tough Guy. Today’s track comes from his RSD 2014 three track ep where he reconstructs the sounds of Sylvester, Donna Summer and Brandi & Monica,  giving them a new lease of life for today’s dancefloors.

I love the way he’s slowed down Summer’s huge 1975 hit  Love To Love you and turned it into a sleazy chugger of a track,  great stuff. The Brandi and Monica track has been given an acid line and a similar tempo. However, if I had to pick a standout track it would be Make Me Feel, where he does the impossible and makes Sylvester’ You Make Me Feel even more dance floor friendly than it was originally by looping and extending the track to epic proportions.

LNTG – Make Me Feel

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Do We Still Call This Blue Eyed Soul?

Tara Priya is an artist I stumbled upon a while ago when I heard the track Rollin’ somewhere. Next step was to the internet and try and source the song.  It turned out to be the lead track from the singer’s eponymously titled second release, a six track ep of Motown inspired soul which was available on import as it was only available in the States. After further digging I found out that in 2010 she had released an album only available in Japan where she has subsequently become very popular. Earlier this year I got my hands on her latest release “Who You Do” on 7″ another import this time from Germany and on the flip side is Rollin’. There have been the inevitable comparisons with Amy Winehouse and Duffy to me she is more akin to Jasmine Kara who has featured here before. Whoever she sounds like,  in my book there is more than enough room for somebody with a voice like hers singing songs like the two featured here. I am sure I read recently that she was releasing a new album although at the moment I cannot find the details anywhere.

Tara Priya – Rollin’ 

And here is the video for the recent single.

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Bloody Repeats!


I was listening to this track at the weekend and thought that I should post it and then I realised that I already had, nearly four years ago so I think that a further airing is justified.

Here’s what I wrote back then

The only positive thing that I can find in the weekly air travel that I am currently doing is that I get to listen to lots of music. It gives me time to listen without interruption and fully to the latest releases that I’ve purchased or sometimes to just what is thrown up when the iPod is on shuffle.

This week the shuffle picked a song by Ike and Tina Turner that I don’t think that I have ever heard before or if I have I never took much notice of it, although I must have had the track for at least ten years.

Tina Turner always conjures up negative connotations for me. When the name is mentioned I think of big hair, the terrible end to the Mad Max series of films but above all one side of the auld firm due to their appropriation of that terrible symbol of all that went wrong with soul music in the 80’s, Simply The Best.

However, when you look back to the stuff that she produced in the 60s and 70’s on the Sue label with her then husband and all round bad bastard Ike it is rather good soul music and she did have a great voice.

The track which came up on shuffle was one of the tracks that the Turners recorded during the sessions with Phil Spector which produced River Deep – Mountain High.

A Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knockin’ Everyday) was recorded in 1966 and was released on Phillies Records, the 135th release on the label. It is full of the bombast and wall of sound that you would expect from a Spector production. My copy is on the 4 cd boxset Back To Mono which is the definitive compilation of the convicted murder’s work.

Ike and Tina Turner – A Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knockin’ Everyday)

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I’ve Got What You Need

Today’s tune is a scorcher of a funk record from the pen of Eddie Bo and Al Scramuzza and if I were to try to dance to this I think that I would do myself an injury.

Mary Jane Hooper hails from New Orleans and is best known for her collaborations with Eddie Bo starting around 1966 after her conversion from Gospel to the secular genre of R&B initially as a backing singer for Lee Dorsey.  I’ve Got What You Need was recorded in 1968 or 69 and released on Bo’s Power label, my 45 is a boot from a couple of years ago. Hooper or Sena Fletcher as she’s known to her family and friends bowed out of the music business in 1971. She did perform with a local band a few years later and sang on some material for Willie Tee which never saw the light of day. Amongst her other recordings is a very good version of That’s How Strong Love Is which was also released on 7″ . As far as I’m aware there is only one album called Psychedelphia which gathers together all of the singer’s sessions for Bo which the going rate  for according to Amazon is one hundred and twenty four quid. I for one are not that curious as six of the twelve tracks are instrumentals!

Mary Jane Hooper – I’ve Got What You Need

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Weekend Late Breakfast


Probably a bit late now but I have had another compilation posted on the excellent Cooking Up A Quiet Storm site here. It has a rather fine extended, extended version of To Ba A Lover on it.

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Mellow Sunday

I played the album this comes from in it’s entirety last night.  It is an album that I never seem to tire of, I love the moody downbeat almost forlorn nature of it.

I found Afterglow filed under A, as you would expect,  when I was looking for Classics by the Aphex Twin but it was strange as I was sure that it was in the 12″/album box, the one to grab in emergencies. So I checked out the box and lo and behold there is another copy in there. I must have bought a copy in a charity shop or online while drunk one night. This means that I now have four copies of the album, two on cd, one being the withdrawn one with the different artwork and running order and a further couple on vinyl.

I will admit that I had a bit of a thing for Dot Allison back then.

Dot Allison – Did I Imagine You.

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New Music Saturday


Violet Skies - Dragons

You will be glad to read that we do actually have something to feature this Saturday and it is actually rather good.

Dragons by Violet Skies reminds me of the XX and London Grammar which is no bad thing. It isn’t ground breaking but better than anything else that has popped into my inbox recently.

Here’s the PR, don’t let the mention of Sting put you off!

“‘Dragons’ is the hypnotic and captivating new track from singer-songwriter Violet Skies.

Taken from her upcoming debut ep ‘Dragons’ produced by Great Skies, is a captivating slice of two-step heaven, blending Violet’s haunting vocals with minimal electronic beats and enchanting orchestral sounds. ‘Dragons’ serves as a follow-up to the incredible ‘How The Mighty’, which debuted last year and received airplay on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Introducing’ series and was tipped by the likes of NME, The 405, Hilly Dilly and Earmilk.
Hailing from a small village in South Wales, Violet’s sound draws on her love of a range of artists from those she grew up listening to such as Joni Mitchell, Sting and Paul Simon, to the unique soundscapes of Massive Attack and James Blake.
Violet’s debut ep ‘Dragons’ is available for pre-order on iTunes and will be released on 22nd June, just days after she takes to the stage at this year’s Camden Crawl (June 20th).”

You can pre-order the ep here


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