It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

After SA’s post on N Trance last week. I have been listening to my very limited collection of Piano House and Happy Hardcore. I’m not sure that listening to this music made me smile as much back in the day as it has over the past week but I have enjoyed listening to the likes of Acen, Skin Up and some of the early XL records. The young guy Simon who lived across the street from me back then kept bringing over tunes to let me hear and one of the few that I liked enough to buy had disco and Woodstock samples and was the work of Danny Breaks.

Far Out sounds a little dated these days but it did make me smile .

Have a good weekend people.

Son’z Of Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out

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The Man’s Machine

I was listening to Giles Peterson while preparing the food on Saturday and heard Kate Tempest for the first time, she was in session and I have to admit I was well impressed enough to head over to the Ninja Tunes website and order the album. You really should check her out and if your in the UK check out the session with Giles on the 6 Music site.

Listening to her got me thinking of Jamie T and the fact that he hasn’t released anything for a long time, nothing since the second album in 2009.  Here is one of the highlights of that album Kings and Queens which was also released as a 12″ single. The track threw me the first time I heard it,  as not many people have sampled Mensi from the Angelic Upstarts but The Man Machine samples the introduction to a couple of songs from their live album the second of which has Mensi paraphrasing the late great Alex Harvey.

Jamie T – The Man’s Machine

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Jack 23

I’m off to Belfast for a couple of days. So here is a rather upbeat piece of surf rock recorded back in 1964 and released on Cleopatra records and that is all I know about it.

The Centuries – Jack 23

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Little Things Mean A Lot

Some days all you need is a bit of Bettye Swan. This comes from the Honest Jons compilation from a few years ago which should be an essential cd in everyone’s collection.

Bettye Swan – Little Things Mean A Lot

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Call It From The Bottom

Another excellent track from the Date label. I don’t know that much about the Steelers apart from the fact that the vocal group consisted of the three Wells brothers, Wez, Alonzo and George along with Leonard Truss and F. Allen and hailed from Chicago. They had released singles on a couple of labels prior to the release of Get It From The Bottom which became a minor hit nationwide in the US and from there they went on to release a further couple of singles on Epic which bombed and as far as I know that was that. I really like this upbeat  tune.

Apologies for the crackles, I really should replace my copy of this.

A bit of politics

I wasn’t going to mention this but fuck it.   All you Londoners who are feeling smug and superior about not voting for Farage’s fascists in the local elections just remember you voted for that “nasty piece of work” and clown Johnson. At the time of typing the European election results have not been declared, however I am sure that Ukip will do absolutely nothing is Scotland but I don’t feel in the least superior,  I do feel quite troubled that all over Europe various unsavoury parties are gaining seats. My main worry now is vote no in the Scottish referendum and by default end up out of Europe in 2017 if these election results are anything to go by or vote yes for an independent nation and hope that we will be welcomed into the EU.

The Steelers – Get It From The Bottom

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New Music Saturday

You will be surprised to read that for the second week in a row there is some! But I will have to be brief. Got friends coming for dinner it is now past midday, still haven’t worked out what to cook and the house is a tip!

Here’s the  PR

Young Braves return with their second single “Black Country”. As with their previous single “Youth”,
“Black Country” showcases the maturity and talent that is beyond the years of these teenagers.

In between studying for their “A” Levels, the band opened the OMG! Festival at the O2 arena in
Birmingham, to an audience of 10,000 teenagers. The band will be playing local gig dates across the

Young Braves are formidable and determined. Formed in the summer of 2013 in Shropshire, this Indie
band (previously Arcade Parade), consists of Ollie Scott (lead vocals/guitar), Jakob Ferguson (lead
guitar/synth), Elliot Scott (bass guitar/backing vocals) and Dan Byrne (drums/backing vocals).

The band are building a sterling CV with plays on “BBC Introducing” and local BBC Radio, winning
“Shropshires Next Big Thing” in 2012 (as previous incarnation Arcade Parade) as well as a plethora of
local gigs and shows. An EP is due to be released in June/July 2014.

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Bruno Sanchioni and Guiseppe Chierchia are responsible, indirectly maybe, but responsible none the less for a lot of crimes against music; as if it hadn’t been for them then that heinous form of music known as trance would not exist, well it probably would still have evolved to become the monster it did but these two helped no end when they recorded and released Age Of Love in 1990. Don’t get me wrong I love this track  and it doesn’t seem to have dated as badly as much of the dross that came out later which was tagged as trance. It was originally released in Belgium , France and Germany and available in the UK on import. It would be a further two years before it would get a proper full UK release on REACT complete with Jam and Spoon remixes. The version posted is the Boeing mix from the original release.

Here’s an interesting fact, or maybe not, the female spoken vocal element comes courtesy of former Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder.

Have a good weekend people.

Age of Love – Age of Love

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